16 thoughts on “Accessorising: Handbag anthologies and the rarely used pink bag. #3

  1. Julia M

    I have a pink bag that I had to have when I saw it in store, it was lust at first sight! Then when I got home I had instant buyer’s remorse because I couldn’t really see myself using a pink bag. Like ever. So I used it a few times out of guilt and I liked it and then I started using it a lot and before I knew it, it had become one of my favourite and most used bags in my wardrobe. Crazy times indeed! 😛 For this reason alone, I maintain that a pink bag can play a key role in any wardrobe!

  2. Virginia

    I love your pink Chanel bowler, I was thinking of it when I decided to get a pink bag this spring. Although I do not use my pink RM as much as I thought I would, I still really like pink and spring!

  3. Virginia

    Yes, my dark blue Eileen Fisher cardi., dark denim jeans, navy flats and pink purse go well together.

  4. GeorgiaGirl67

    I have a pink Coach Kristin hobo that I bought in early 2013. At that time, I was still in the “one bag and carry it all the time” mode, so I carried her everywhere until late February of this year. It’s a non-logo’ed leather bag and quite dainty and classy-looking.

    Pink is one of my fave colors, so I still use it on “pink days.”

      1. GeorgiaGirl67

        Yep! The couple of times it’s gotten a bit of dirt on it, I just wiped it down with a damp washcloth. I haven’t used any leather conditioner on it yet, although I probably need to.

        I just remembered, Coach made that bag in two shades of pink — one very pale and the other a bright rose. Mine is the bright rose. Actually it’s close to fuschia! Not QUITE as bright, but almost.

  5. madmils

    Sarah, is that you modelling the pink bag, in that 2nd pic ???
    The way you wear it there looks perfect on you, the colours, the styles …… really good.
    I used to have a dusty pink Mulberry bag but that was a very very casual style, called Phoebe, I sold it – not because of the colour, the style – too heavy and chunky.
    Would I choose a pink again …… hmmm, probably not these days, my style is becoming more and more casual and laid back with no room for pink bags :/


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