Why I detest the summer sales in London.

There are always tales of success, true treasures bought ‘on sale’, yet lady Beatrice treats those urban myths with caution. The summer sales, are a grand opportunity to direct funds away from useful purchases and instead amass, random wardrobe items, known as the ‘style killers’ and ‘wallet emptiers’.

Why avoid the sales:

# the mess in the shops offends my sense of order and method. The leftover clothes that are now ON SALE tend to be a jumbled up mix of colours and sizes. The true gems in the collection are long gone. Inevitably one tends to buy something that is referred to as an ‘orphan’ ie a lone piece of clothing that works with nothing else in the wardrobe. Far from saving money, sales often create extra expense, as now there are so many other things to purchase, to work the orphan piece, into a decent outfit. Either that, or it becomes a style compromise. No coherent silhouette, no chance of a consistent colour palette.

# the crowds are an absolute nuisance. London is busy at the best of times, but sales period tends to bring out even more people, some of whom are not used to social interaction of any sort. The sales assistants are harassed, there are none of the niceties, (drinks, canapés, smiles) that one gets at the start of the season. And watch out for stained, and damaged clothes as well.

# and what’s wrong with a little on line shopping one may ask? The lesser of two evils: though how to successfully buy things, unseen in real life, is known as one of the dark arts. Unless already familiar with a brand and a specific item -brace yourself for a nasty surprise.

# the artificially low prices confuse the mind. But it’s a wardrobe staple you say, it’s a true classic! No it’s not, it’s the wrong colour, half a size too big and the style will look dated by the time you take it home. But it’s SO cheap! Don’t get me started…(here)

# GAP, Banana Republic and the rest of the gang, are pretty much on a permanent sale. It is remarkable how intelligent people, like my mother, fall for it time after time. Basically their profit margins are set outrageously high, so we can all get the feel good factor and score a bargain. How else do you think they can afford those 70% off sales?

# in essence I don’t do the summer sales, (except perhaps a touch of CHANEL, -post coming soon- every rule has exceptions, heh heh) as I buy so little and prefer to do it with clear head, sipping a glass of sparkling water – at the beginning of the season. No wardrobe space for the random, summer sales ‘bargain’, they inevitably direct precious funds away from the upcoming Autumn Winter collections and interfere with my desire to achieve the epitome of chic, which is rightfully mine.

Still, if you are on your way to the sales, best of luck and keep me posted….would love to hear about your adventures.


Lady Beatrice looking serene, thinking of the AW 14 collections.

Lady Beatrice looking serene, thinking of the upcoming AW14 collections.

© Ladysarahinlondon

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10 thoughts on “Why I detest the summer sales in London.

  1. Julia M

    I’ve long since given up on shopping at the sales. You are absolutely right about getting caught up in it and buying some dreadful item that seemed like such a good idea at the time. I figure best I avoid temptation altogether and stick to making dubious choices on online stores instead 😛
    Also, I can’t wait to hear about your Chanel purchase!

  2. Virginia

    The ever stylish and savvy Lady Beatrice is correct, as usual. Sales of fast fashion; cheaply made, environmentally and ethically dubious goods should be avoided at all times. (Yes, I have been reading “To Die For, is fashion wearing out the world?”). I am working hard to improve my choices, and the “Less is More” approach. Although difficult for me, I now am thinking quality over quantity!!

  3. Cressida K

    I went to the London sales today. selfridges, fenwicks, debenhams…. may be addicted to them, lol! i just cannot resist even though i know you are right, they did my head in and brought home lots of unwanted ‘treasures’ 🙂 what to do?

  4. madmils

    As already agreed here, I too avoid going to stores sales, I cannot stomach the majority of fellow shoppers all around me, clamouring for the 70% off cr*p.
    Infact, I actually rarely buy clothes at all these days, and when I do it’s for classics, I could go as far as saying I really need never to buy another thing in my life !
    I’ve bought 4 items in Brora’s sale and those, I suppose, are the closest I come to ‘splurges’ !


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