Essential reading: Financial times article: classic dress cents (or how to justify those handbags.)

Generally speaking by the time you read a financial tip in the FT – it’s already too late, a bit like the London property market. We all know it’s good to invest in those classics, but what on earth are they? I just love this take of dressing as a shrewd investment (here) and simply had to share the article, spread the wisdom…

It’s taking the term investment dressing rather too literally. In reality a little cautious of over investing in my wardrobe, but I like the idea of appreciating quality- and being able to recognise it myself. Somewhat  suspicious, about the Hermes emphasis, so conveniently close to the Christie’s handbag auction. The article also suggests  investing in ‘future classics’- good luck with that. Essential reading. And while you are at it check this out too.


10 thoughts on “Essential reading: Financial times article: classic dress cents (or how to justify those handbags.)

  1. happyface313

    From when is this article? We have FT at the office – perhaps I can find and read it there?
    It is good investment to put money into something classic that will last a long time and will never be outdated. But we knew that long before FT wrote about it, righty? 😉
    Have a good evening 🙂

  2. coulda shoulda woulda

    I do think Christie’s did a little PR nudge for sure. The FT discussing “investment” in fashion is a whole lot credible than Grazia doing a piece on it 🙂 Plus the prices at auctions are practically the same as a new bag and in some cases slightly more so I would just rather go for a new bag unless it is a special color or leather…


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