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The fashionable library: Being well dressed is important to me, – clothes are so much more than just the image we choose to project to the world. More than our own personal luxury. What you and I, choose to buy, has an environmental and cultural impact, way beyond the extend of our wardrobe. Fashion purchases shape both our society and the environment, we will have to live with the world we shape, as we get older and it is the legacy we leave to our children, and future generations. I like both fashion and well made clothes, – not always the same thing. It is no secret that I am becoming more of a selective Buyer. The sort of buyer Who likes to research the provenance of any potential items, scrutinise quality and generally get as much information as possible before the credit card gets its work out.

Anyone interested in buying new clothes, take a look at these books. Perhaps the little bibliotheque could do with one or two good reads! Your relationship with your wardrobe, may never be the same…two pre loved sets of freebie copies looking for space in your fashion library.

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Reviews and essential reads.

Vogue cover Christmas turlington, fashion to die for

Overdressed: the shockingly high cost of cheap fashion. This is an easy & palatable read. No gruesome details and is not just about the well known exploitation of factory workers and their appalling day to day life. There are unexpected twists and little known facts, about the effect of fashion overconsumption on our western culture. Why is the market flooded with cheap acrylic? Why is it becoming so much harder to find beautifully made silk shirts? And where in heavens name, did the good cashmere jumpers go? My only complain is that the cover makes it look like a cheap, somewhat trashy novel. Enjoyable & informative read. (Here)

To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World? Slower pace and a little more demanding than Overdressed. Did you know for example that pythons for making your handbag may come from the wild? Who cares you may say- it’s just a big scary snake and I certainly don’t give a hoot. Yes, but turning the last python into someones chic pair of shoes, allows the rat population go unchecked, in parts of the world where infectious disease is rife. Did you know that cat fur & dog fur, is farmed and sold, without being labelled as such? Being a tenacious reader, I battled through, Lucy’s maize of info- though at times it felt like someone was clobbering me on the head with a copy of vogue. The message manages to stay  positive – and I always judge the book by its cover – this one is Tres chic. Here

Vogue My mother and grandmother bought copies of British VOGUE which were treated with reverence – as actual books, rather than disposable ephemera. No copy of vogue, was ever thrown away by my grand mother, my mother kept the ‘good ones’ and I am afraid I keep none at all. Still, it means we have access to vogue magazines  from the 60s – and they do make a fascinating read. Some of the older copies have the best editorial, still relevant today. Personal favourite is the era of the super model. Even if you never buy fashion magazines, it’s worth checking out VOGUE 2-4 times year, (once per season) to stay fashion relevant, or simply to have  a laugh.

The abc of Hermes crafts Pretty little book containing rather poetic, explanations of Hermes techniques and specialist phraseology. From basics like retourne vs sellier to more advanced such as donner sa main and more obscure, feuilleter.  Great bedtime reading, lady Beatrice loves it when I read extracts aloud in a deep but soothing tone…(out of print)

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7 thoughts on “Essential reading: for the London fashion shopper, review & giveaways for your library.

  1. Virginia

    Thank you for the details of these publications; I just ordered both (used) . I am trying very hard to be conscientious of fabrics and manufacturers. My goal is a wardrobe of at least 75% natural fabrics, with only a few of the dreaded poly blend pieces that I really like and cannot yet find replacement. I found another US retailer with linen and cotton garments, and according to their website, social and eco. responsible manufacturing.

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      Thank you Virginia, this looks promising. I love it that they ve got petite and tall range, which shows they understand good fit and is not just about making a quick buck at our expense. The shoes look really good too.

  2. Cressida K

    My ‘fashion library’ could definitely do with the Hermes book. 🙂 I ordered the other two from Amazon and looking forward to a quiet afternoon when I have the time to read them. My favourite post is the one you wrote about cashmere care & storage – posted that on facebook. thank you very much for that dear Sarah!

  3. Ali

    Hi Sarah
    Im enjoying your blog. Thanks for the time you put in to it. I am a fellow tea, fashion, environs lover and rue the mass rubbish heaving and broiling out of factories, suffocating the workers and their world. Its quite the mission however to ensure that the alternative is indeed a credible alternative. And YES how do you find great quality cashmere? And how do you manage to keep your fine knits from getting tiny holes where it rubs on the hardware of ones jeans?? I love that you infuse your tea leaves with good quality essential oils – superb. Will hop on that band wagon! Have a great day.

  4. poupee

    I think you may enjoy “The Lost Art of Dress” by Linda Przybyszewski, it’s just recently come out and I’ve been enjoying it immensely. Have a look if you have a chance. =)


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