Real life fashion: Silk shirts are cool for work.

No, really silk shirts keep me cool & comfortable during those 12 hour working days. Sometimes I walk, sometimes I cycle, sometimes we have long, pointless meetings

when One just wants to gnaw at ones own arm, just to relieve the boredom…

Silk shirt

This shirt is satin silk. (Not to be confused with satin polyester, which is an entirely different species, that will make you hot, clammy, & sweaty.)

it is becoming increasingly difficult to find affordable 100% silk shirts for work, so if you have some hang on to them for dear life. (yes, I have heard of equipment, good but not impressed, plus some seem to be cut like US army tents.) it is incredible that so many shops only sell ugly, synthetic, fast fashion for imaginary lifestyle scenarios. Presumably most of us have to go to work and need lovely, fashionable as well as comfortable clothes, for our real life, the office, the bus stop etc.

Quality silk machine washes well, (in a net bag) and is relatively easy breezy to iron. I hang mine up to dry on a clothes hanger and then quick iron or steam at lowest settings, while still a little damp. In the summer to survive the day, I pretty much only wear silk or linen shirts for work, so perfect for those après work drinkies too…
Do you like silk shirts for work? Or perhaps linen?
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Currently researching more designers/brands offering quality fabrics. Any suggestions?

Currently researching more designers/brands offering quality fabrics. Any suggestions?


9 thoughts on “real life fashion: Silk shirts are cool for work.

  1. Virginia

    Beautiful shirt, is it vintage? It is so rare to find silk satin, which was the original fabric of satin, correct? In fact, I believe I’ve only seen it in vintage pieces. Love your outdoor pics in this post.

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      There will be more outdoor shots now the weather is better. The shirt is old, rather than vintage. 🙂 you can still find satin silk but it’s getting more expensive and less widely available. I think your friend Eilleen still brings things out- and I am thinking of having some shirts made out of desperation. Libertys sells satin silk fabric.

      1. Virginia

        Yes, made to order! I am beginning to think this may be the only way to get what you desire.

      2. ladysarahinlondon Post author

        Yes may have to resort to that As I can’t take the shoddy way some items are made. It’s a lot of hassle though, find a Taylor, the good ones tend to be busy and they are not inexpensive.

  2. Philippa

    I love silk shirts for work! As you say, warm when you need them to be, cool when you don’t. Most of mine are from Uniqlo. I have one from Sandro, and one from Whistles, and the Uniqlo ones are just as nice and made of only slightly thinner silk. If I hang them up as soon as they’ve finished in the machine (rather than leaving them there in a little wet heap imprinting creases) I can get away without ironing them, even, which makes them the perfect garment in my book. I love the slightly speckly look of washed silk, and not having to get the ironing board out pleases me enormously. Ironing while damp is of course the best, but we have a white meter, so I do all my washing at night while the electricity’s cheaper, setting the timer to finish as I get up. And by the time I get home from work, the silk shirts are dry! It’s like magic.

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      These are all good points Philippa, thank you! Taking things out of the washing machine immediately, is half the battle. People think silk is high maintenance but it’s not really – it’s the perfect material. Uniqlo are excellent for the price, but would like to find more statement-ish patterns.

  3. silkpathdiary

    Really pretty and I love pinks with navy! I adore silk shirts for most things and linen. My silks are a mix bag from Jaeger (modern and vintage), Max Mara, Theory, J Crew and Chanel. Among them are mostly graphic monochrome patterns (zebra, spots, houndstooth) and if ever I needed to replace any of them, I’d choose a bold print.


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