Tea of the month: jasmine green for May

Bank holiday weekend again – opportunity to pop in at Fortnum’s – and stock up on the essential tea supplies. It’s always worth cultivating the art of tea drinking. Healthy & relaxing. Green tea is supposed to be high in antioxidants, essential for beautiful skin. Drinking a couple of cups a day, is practically part of my beauty routine.

F& M jasmine green
If you are not keen on green teas – which can be an acquired taste – a basic jasmine green is a good start. This one came from Fortnums, but is by no means the best I ve tried. Mildly perfumed with real jasmine flowers is easy on the palette.
Remember that green tea should not be brewed with boiling water. Allow the water to cool to approx. (80C) Being rather lazy, I don’t use a thermometer, and simply wait for a minute or two after boiling. Unlike black teas, green doesn’t keep, so I tend to have it straight away – antioxidants degrade with time and so does taste. The leaves can be re used for 2nd & 3rd infusions which makes loose leaf tea, very economical.

Sit down, breath and enjoy! Divine.

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Jasmine green

image image image
The tea at Fortnums is served in majestic little teapots. All of them different!


7 thoughts on “Tea of the month: jasmine green for May

  1. Virginia

    One of my favs! Jasmine is a great flavor. Thanks for the brewing information, I did not know the water should be cooled a bit.

  2. madmils

    Well I’ve come into this thread at, almost, the last Bank Holiday of the year !!!!
    Better late than never !
    Jasmine tea ……. an equal favourite of mine alongside Earl Grey, I am actually drinking jasmine tea as I type this !


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