Home comforts: garden flowers with scent.

My idea of  the ultimate luxury, would be an on-going supply of seasonal, home grown, scented flowers. Freshly cut, from our own garden to decorate the London flat. Especially with those fragrant English roses! The scent is subtle, but lingers on.

David Austen roses lady sarah

As things are, we don’t have a garden nearly big enough for such a luxurious lifestyle, though I do manage to grow enough flowers for a few weeks in the spring and summer.


It’s practically an annual celebration! ‘Ah the fragrant roses are blooming! Quick plonk some in a vase… The peonies are blooming… The lavender!..make some sachets’ (I use the end of summer lavender crop to store & keep my cashmere sweet smelling & moth free, (post here) easy to grow and bee friendly!)

When we get desperate for home grown scented flowers, this is the next best thing. Extravagant but worth it! To grow your own rose garden (or potted rose) check out the experts at David Austin roses.

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Roses plonked in vase

20 thoughts on “Home comforts: garden flowers with scent.

  1. Virginia

    Love your roses, David Austin? or other old English? So fragrant. I used to have them , but the deer ate them all. I gave up!

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      I remember you mentioned that. To be honest every few years we replace them as not capable of keeping them thriving, something eats them! They are so nice to have though, this particular variety I bought from marks & spencer, but I have others from David Austin.

      1. Steve Morris

        Hmm. Be careful what you wish for. A single deer will eat your entire garden in one night. They eat the growing tips off every plant, leaving everything to die. Someone should talk to them about sustainability.

  2. happyface313

    Your roses are so pretty and I can imagine how good they smell!
    We have a couple of fragrant roses outside – the Mr. takes good care of them and as soon as they start to bloom, he’ll always bring me one or two in a vase. Having own flowers is so wonderful 🙂

  3. hungryhungryhippo404

    Ooh lovely! I agree, fresh flowers do so much to bring that extra something to a home. Though personally I think I’ll always be a Hybrid Tea gal over David Austin any day!

      1. hungryhungryhippo404

        I do and they’re magnificent! Some of them don’t have much of a scent (sadly Julia’s rose is one of these. Damn!), but they can be spectacular. For red roses, Mr Lincoln is one of the best because it has an amazing scent and looks really great when it’s part of a bouquet etc.

  4. Virginia

    Oh yes, Kitties love roses too! All my cats nibbled at the roses inside. We have wild roses that grow here that we’re one of my babies favorite. And since we don’t use chemicals, I had no issue with her eating them as long as they were not in a bouquet.

  5. hermesmerized

    Your roses are beautiful. I’m currently researching varietals, as I have had no luck with roses in past years. My lavender is thriving, and I too make sachets to tuck into my seasonal storage.
    My peony’s, and hydrangea also need no attention, and just get more beautiful with neglect.
    We have numerous deer but for some reason they don’t venture close to the house, and haven’t destroyed my gardens.

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      When you choose a variety let me know how it goes. I think a lot has to do with picking the right rose. Love the home made lavender sachets, such a delight to tuck in the wardrobe… So happy to hear you enjoy that too.

  6. Susan Lowell

    You have wonderful roses. I am new to your blog and enjoy it tremendously. Thank you. British gardens are outstanding. Your growing season is much longer than mine and the moisture suits growing very well.

    Deer problems are huge where I live (Carlisle, MA, USA). Any given morning during Winter months I see 20 deer outside my living room window. They eat nearly everything. I used to have a very large perenial garden and today it is gone. The roses have not produced a flower in years. The deer eat the bud as soon as it emerges! What can I grow? Ornamental trees, dwarf and full size. I now collect and grow Japanese Maple trees. Thus far, they are deer proof.

    I have tried many deer remedies and nothing works. One friend enclosed his property with an electric fense — this solved his problem.

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      Thank you Susan- I am not much of a gardener actually, but roses do well in our climate. Deer in the garden sounds lovely, but I had no idea they were so destructive. 😦 we have foxes, but that’s about it.

      1. madmils

        The roses (and everything else !) are doing well this year because of the very wet and mild winter we had, the Hydrangeas are positively glowing with health, as an example.
        My own front garden is a cottage garden and from late spring to now is a wonderful show of colourful frothy beds and borders in all hues of pink and purple, with white to contrast.
        I love my gardens 😀

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