London delights: Heat wave is imminent- prepare for a picnic!

All the trappings.

Just add champagne in proper glasses and some sandwiches. Baguette with Brie is my favourite- we don’t bother with cutlery. imageimage
imageLady Sarah pic nic
Whole, fresh Strawberries with their stems attached, are also nice to round off any London picnic event.

This is so exciting! We love picnics and sunny days!
Looking for something to read? Try this & this. You will have to excuse me as I have to get my supplies ready for tomorrow…


7 thoughts on “London delights: Heat wave is imminent- prepare for a picnic!

  1. Philippa

    I ate my lunch outside today! I usually eat at my desk (I know it’s terribly bad for you, but I like getting things done!) but our office is by the canal, and today the doors were open to a little waterside terrace with zinc tables and chairs. I felt so lucky.

      1. Philippa

        My desk is in the middle of a large open-plan office, by the stairs. Flooded with striplight. But at one end of the building there are windows overlooking the canal, and downstairs the canteen opens onto it …

        We are moving soon, though. Then I will (probably) be someone who works in The City! Not sure what I think of that.


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