Personal style (part 4): How to walk like a London runway model.

How to do the cat walk.

Poor posture and inability to walk with grace, kills (immediately!) even the best of designer wardrobes. Learning the art of cat walking is an instant wardrobe upgrade, once I mastered that – virtually anything I wore started looking better.

In bygone days young ladies would attend special classes and finishing schools to study the art of good deportment, graceful walking, sitting, getting in & out of sports cars, that sort of underrated thing, we take for granted. Nowadays, most of those schools are obsolete – Β I learned everything I know from my aunt, myΒ classic ballet/yoga classes and my beloved cats.

If fortune has smiled on you – and you happen to live with a young cat, look and learn ladies. It wasn’t called the cat walk for nothing!

Study the catwalk methodΒ here:
Practise the steps diligently, ignoring anyone’s hysterical laughter.
Β© Ladysarahinlondon
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