London afternoon tea with friends...
Afternoon tea with dear friends. What could be better?

Cadogan hotel
Afternoon tea

Tea room at Cadogan Hotel, beautifully decorated in traditional, English style: Comfortable sofas, bowls of spring hyacinths and original paintings.  Clever lighting, wood panelling and floral wall paper complete the welcoming feel of the place. We can all stretch out and relax.


To carry on with the tea theme, we are parked at the Cadogan, to enjoy a lavish afternoon tea, complete with a little champagne. Offered by a very generous and special friend who understands that afternoon tea is in fact, the height of civilisation! Well deserved, I might add – after the somewhat exhausting spring wardrobe clear out. To all the virtual friends of this little blog: Thank you for all your comments and support. My dream afternoon tea, includes all of you, AND your cats, (or dogs), so it’s a somewhat chaotic affair.

The Cadogan Hotel, is a neat little place tucked down Sloane Street, a stones throw away from CHANEL & Hermes boutique, which were visited as part of the transition of recreational shoppers to super duper fashionistas.



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17 thoughts on “London afternoon tea with friends…

  1. Virginia

    I swoon at the sites! Yummy looking food, excellent atmosphere. Thank you for the virtual invite, I am there in spirit. In other news, I was very naughty at Nordstrom yesterday, will send separate email.

  2. Fan of Dickens

    For the benefit of a food obsessive, could you tell me what the cakes and sandwiches were like? Many thanks!

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      Welcome to the tea party! Everything was fresh and very well made, though not the best one can have in London. It was really enjoyable, and loved those mini Chelsea buns, not usually included in most afternoon teas.

      1. Fan of Dickens

        I love the rather witty reference to the area in the dinky Chelsea buns as I am a sucker for a theme. Have you ever been to a themed tea, like the Alice in Wonderland afternoon teas in the style of the Mad Hatter parties, where the cakes are decorated like little clocks, for example, and the bread is coloured? According to my guide books, there are a few across London, but before I save up for one I would like to make sure it tastes as it good as it looks. Do you have a favourite place you would recommend, if not for that, for cakes in general? My daughter is thinking of going on a Cake Crawl with a friend for her birthday! I would really appreciate some insider information from a Londoner. Many thanks and kindest regards.

        1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

          Very hard to pick a favourite as they all have different charm. The cakes are probably better in the teas at the larger hotels as they have proper pastry chefs. I will be posting more afternoon teas though, and if you look at older posts there are some there.


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