Tea of the month: black vanilla (April)
Work has been an absolute nightmare, but then again, it so often is. What with the re branding exercise, new clients, emerging markets – and I am not even going to mention my extensive spring wardrobe clear out, or my transition from recreational shopper to stylish fashionista. These things take time. Rosie is now wishing, she did change jobs, when she had the chance.

Anyway to cut a long story short, looking forward to having a strong cup of black vanilla tea as soon as I make it back home, which won’t be for a while. This came from Harrods, it’s surprisingly inexpensive, robust and utterly delicious.

How is your spring wardrobe clear out coming along? Mine is pretty much done, though I still have those bags of surplus fashion, blocking the entrance hall. We need to take them to Oxfam. It’s bad feng shui you know…

Ok ok, I did manage to squeeze in a visit to CHANEL and some afternoon tea...,

Ok ok, I did manage to squeeze in a visit to CHANEL and some afternoon tea…,post forthcoming.

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11 thoughts on “Tea of the month: black vanilla (April)

  1. Virginia

    I just happen to finish up my tea, and am off to my specialty shop this pm. I will be getting some black vanilla and lemon in addition to my regular teas. Looking forward to trying them. Closet cleaning is not quite as complete as yours, but in my world it’s a big improvement.

  2. hungryhungryhippo404

    My biannual clear out of my wardrobe was going well, until my mother accidentally gave one of my oldest but most treasured handbags to charity, along with the things that were actually supposed to go. Luckily we managed to track the handbag down and the charity are very generously posting it back to me, but it’s kind of put me off clearing out my wardrobe. At least for now…:-(

      1. hungryhungryhippo404

        To say I was somewhat upset is quite the understatement! Luckily it’s now safe and sound back home with me. Can’t believe how lucky I was to get it back! Oh my goodness, that really would be the stuff of nightmares!! :-S

      2. hungryhungryhippo404

        Lol well in this case I think my mother is too afraid to say anything even vaguely like that 😉

  3. hermesmerized

    I love vanilla, and Sloane Tea Company’s; Heavenly Cream is simply divine, and redolent of vanilla.
    My absolute favourite is Mariage Frere’s Earl Grey French Blue. The bright blue, tiny flower petals in this tea, elevate it to exquisite.


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