London delights: CARVEN boutique Pelham street, quick review. Part of the spring wardrobe update was a morning visit in Pelham street to check out the London CARVEN boutique. CARVEN was a traditional a French couture house set by Carmen de Tommaso back in 1945. The House of CARVEN made dresses for the likes of princesses and film stars. (Madame Carven retired in 1998 and is now reportedly 104 years old, but of course, one never asks a lady these things). The good news is the clothes have been reinvented by the talented Guillaume Henry, you don’t necessarily need to be a princess, or a film star to be able to afford them- and dare I say it? They are in fact, suitable for London living. Carven Carven I bought a couple of things from this collection, to see me through spring/summer. The patterns were all delectable, it was very hard to decide what to choose (’embarras de choix’, as the French would say) – and of course I wanted to bring the whole shop, home with me. Look at the list Sarah, and look at the bank account… In the end, a plain navy dress and some floral knitwear, which I can wear together or separately. The clothes are cut quite small, (sizing starting at French 32, which is very small, similar to UK 6 – go up to French 42), slim fit without being tight, flattering for my body type, – not always an easy task. Also have a couple of CARVEN things, from last year, they are classic without being faddy so I hope to be able to look divine wearing everything for a good few seasons to come.

Carven Carven Carven flower print The whole experience was one of unhurried comfort as I got to try everything on, in their spacious changing rooms. They even brought me a drink, which was very much appreciated. Not into disposable cheap fashion any more. There may be a lot of things wrong with the  industry, but This is not one of them. The clothes are well made, with finesse, no ridiculous logos, expensive enough to make you think about saving the planet, before you whip out the credit card to buy.


Inspiration from CARVEN Carven black dressimageimage image

85 Pelham street
London SW7

Carven shoes ss14

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4 thoughts on “London delights: CARVEN boutique Pelham street, quick review.

  1. Philippa

    Clothes ‘cut quite small, slim fit without being tight’ sound like the holy grail. I love the silhouette in those inspiration images, too.

    I feel a visit to Pelham Street coming on.

  2. Virginia

    Lovely colors! Modeling shots, please – my love for all things navy, you know. And the florals are gorgeous. I have not received your email yet, don’t know why.

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      – will post some modelling shots of the dress, though it’s still too cold to wear it properly. These purchases are supposed to see me through spring / summer, so wish me luck not to get distracted. Xx

  3. silkpathdiary

    You must have nerves of steel to be able to walk away with just 2 items! I do love Little Navy Dresses, a little more versatile than black ones I think. Anway can’t wait to see them in action soon 🙂


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