Tea of the month: relaxing lemon tea to welcome spring (March)

After a hectic day, so nice to sit down, put my feet up and enjoy a refreshing cup of tea.

DIY refreshing, lemon tea blend
Approx 150gms good quality loose leaf, black, china tea.
(to fit in a tin with a tight lid) this will last for ages so even if more expensive than tea bags to begin with, long term loose tea is very economical.
Real aromatherapy oils 5 drops lemon+3 drops bergamot. Shake the tea after each drop.
(Good quality oils here, you can vary this recipe, using orange or mandarin+lime! but lemon+bergamot is my own favourite)
Seal the tin tight and let the oil to infuse for at least 24 hours.

I like this best, served black, no sugar or milk with a really thin slice of fresh lemon.

Cup of good fragrant tea with fondant fancy - enjoy!

Cup of good fragrant tea with fondant fancy – enjoy!

Enjoy! Breath and relax. (Simple Yoga Breathing techniques here) take your time-pet cat is optional.

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12 thoughts on “Tea of the month: relaxing lemon tea to welcome spring (March)

  1. Philippa

    That looks lovely! Like a fresher version of Early Grey. Have you tried it with Neal’s Yard oil or similar? (I am always loath to buy something by post if I can collect it myself. ‘Sorry we missed you …’ ‘We attempted to deliver your parcel but …’ are my least favourite postcards.)

      1. Virginia

        I don’t believe I have ever seen them before, but now I must search international grocery store shelves! I am mad for all lemon desserts, so perfect with tea. Thanks for the website info.

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      Fondant fancies are notoriously hard to get right. ( not that I am exactly a good cook), but I heard that from other people. If anyone has a healthier/ easy alternative would love to know. Xxx


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