London fashion trends - the good, the bad and the ugly... ( SS/14 Quick wardrobe updates)

It’s been a busy week, but still managed to make my fashion observations whilst dashing around London.
The trends worth checking out and the ones to avoid…

Metallic shoes, comfortable with chunky heels. Yes please! I can run, hop and skip wearing these…no more foot torture.

Metallic shoe miu miuChunky heel shoes
Real life fashion: lady Sarah wears these during the day with jeans and plain cashmere sweaters. A sunny day fantasy: chunky silver shoes with pale aqua linen dress…(dream on)

Delicate pastels, pretty in pink and lovely sky blue…
Pink silk dress
Real life fashion: pink is an uplifting colour, there is a shade to suit every complexion. For an updated look lady Sarah wears pink with olive green or for more classic look some grey…and pearls. (no bows or frills, clean cut!)

Sky blue coat
Real life fashion: my real life doesn’t allow for pastel coats, but yours might! I love this.

The ballerina skirt trend. These are pure fantasy, which I invested heavily in. – would you believe it! – had one tailor made using wafts of grey chiffon pure silk. Pure delight. I ve been wearing it constantly for going out- and I can even cycle (sort of) in it.
Ballerina chifon top shop skirtimage
Real life fashion: you can see lady Sarah’s interpretation of this as an afternoon tea outfit here. Lady Sarah wears this, with ankle boots and over the knee socks.

Florals reinvented. Do you like traditional English flower prints? Givenchy and CARVEN have some updates on the classic trend, mixing combat and roses..
Roses camouflagrTop shop London rose t shirt
Do be careful as I very nearly overdid this one, (got the floral scarf and the flowery sweater, one has to go back!) – ended up looking like a bouquet… Up coming Post…
Real life fashion: florals are easy to wear, but exercise moderation. It’s all very well mixing prints on the catwalk, but don’t try that in the morning.

…And some lovely botanical prints, from faliero sarti
Faliero sarti botanical scarf
Real life fashion: any time anywhere. A faliero sarti scarf drapes divine and adds colour and movement to simple monochromatic outfits! Instant update.

And the ugly…
How to wear fur

Fur is ‘in’ guys- apparently- we are ok to torture intelligent animals, keep them confined in tiny cages before we finally skin them. Such a classic look…

Fur gilet fashion faux pas
Real life fashion: Please stay away from me with this barbaric trend! No gillets, no hats, no what nots. Leave this abomination in the past where it belongs, together with other acts of  poor taste and lack of judgement – look beyond the surface – think how this was made. And don’t let lady Beatrice see the coats, the poor darling will have nightmares.


13 thoughts on “London fashion trends – the good, the bad and the ugly… ( S/S14 Quick updates for spring wardrobes.)

  1. Virginia

    Yes, I’ve been infatuated since your first post! Anyway, loving this post. Great shoes, love the blue coat, and just the flowered scarf for me, please. The grey silk skirt you had made is lovely and would go with so much. On the other hand, that fur monstrosity scares me. Oh and happy first day of spring!

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      I can cycle in the skirt- it’s comfortable enough, but in actual life rarely do as mostly wear it for evenings out to have a drink. Sorry to spoil the fantasy. Just going over to your blog to read about your trials and tribulations….love to dear oscar.

      1. hungryhungryhippo404

        Lol disappointing! But that is fair enough. Now I’m dreaming of ballerina skirts – aargh! I’ll add it to the list of things I want, nay MUST have. Haha thank you. He says to send his warm regards to you and Lady Beatrice 🙂

      2. ladysarahinlondon Post author

        Should be easy enough to find one as a lot of designers brought one out. Though, I had to try quite a few on, as mentioned in my post. Most of them made me look like a frumpy ballerina. Lol. Let me know if you find one you like. Xxx

  2. Cressida K

    I agree with everyone – your blog is addictive Sarah! excellent tips about fashion trends, not as anti fur as you are, but its true that it is a horrific industry.

  3. ladysarahinlondon Post author

    Hope you liked my London trend suggestions. I am not ANTI-fur, in actual fact. Simply PRO animal welfare. The treatment of fur-bearing animals has been sub-par, even by factory farm standards. Sheepskin, is harvested from well looked after animals. (In the uk at least) people should research it and act responsibly not come up with simplistic things like ‘you wear leather don’t you?’ Fur production is also an incredibly wasteful and toxic process, directly linked to several forms of cancer.

  4. Philippa

    Rose and olive is a great idea. Sadly I would look jaundiced wearing it, so I hope to enjoy it on others! I always thought I couldn’t wear floral scarves (too girly, too frilly) but I tried on a Beulah dress in their Fractured Blossom print last week, considering wearing it to a wedding at Easter, and I am definitely going back for a scarf in the print, if not the dress! (It’s an Egyptian Muslim wedding, and I need a ‘ball dress with long sleeves’, according to the bride (which must also avoid the low cut back or plunging V, which they all seem to have to make up for the demure long sleeves). It is proving impossible to find. Ditto the long-sleeved bolero which isn’t hideous, which I thought I would wear over a long navy chiffon dress I have, instead. Any suggestions gratefully received!)

    I am interested in your thoughts on rabbit fur. I don’t know much about it, but I eat (wild) rabbit quite happily from my local farmers’ market. I suppose those aren’t the ones which end up trimming a snood?

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      Wild rabbits / hares would generally be classified as game and are shot to keep the numbers down to something manageable. However, I doubt it would be commercially viable to process their fur for mass use. Remember you need a hell of a lot of animals to make, not very much fur. Most cheap or affordable rabbit fur trims would come from china, where there is no animal welfare legislation whatsoever. In fact a lot of the time it could be cat fur which is also widely farmed in china. Cat fur is cheap and looks similar to some rabbit fur.
      New Zealand possum fur is meant to be an ecological choice because the animals are wild, have no natural predators and are said to destroy the wildlife. The general population and the average buyer, makes no informed distinctions, so I find it best, to simply avoid any type of fur. There are so many other more attractive and flattering things to wear, why perpetuate cruelty?


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