DIY fashion Project: Do you shop for your real or imaginary lifestyle? The pie chart method.

By drawing these highly sophisticated pie charts we can clearly demonstrate why we have nothing decent to wear despite numerous shopping expeditions. The charts took me a good hour to draw and were loosely based on my old shopping habits. I urge you to do the same, to identify potential wardrobe malfunctions. Save yourself time, heaps of money and of course fashion kudos.

Shopping habits may reveal a snapshot of what we need more of in life. For example I kept buying rather expensive and disproportionate large number of summer dresses for which I had no real use. That told me to stop buying the clothes, take some down time and save up to go on that holiday in sunny Santorini.

Shopping habits may reveal a snapshot of what we need more of in life. For example I kept buying summer dresses, in various colours and styles! -Of course, ย living in London, I had Very limited use for so many summer/holiday dresses. The message was to stop buying the clothes, take some down time and save up to go on that holiday in sunny Santorini.

Draw your own wardrobe/real life chart – would love to see what discoveries unravel. METHOD: draw a pie chart representing the current items in your wardrobe. No cheating / no hiding! Then a second pie chart outlining daily life activities for say the next two three months. (Include mundane things like chores, Internet time , tv etc) Compare at leisure…pin pie charts in visible location inside the wardrobe. Wisdom behold!

The problem is, as my sister succinctly states, we do not really shop for clothes, but we shop as a distraction because there are other issues that need fixing in our life. General dissatisfaction with the day job, weight problems or simply intense boredom with daily life can lead to little shopping expeditions to ‘cheer up’. Although nothing wrong per se, with a little retail therapy, constant reliance on it, can have a disastrous effect. Not just financially, but for the planet and for our own self esteem, these issues need to be dealt with rather than stuffed inside a shopping bag.

Personally I find daily yoga invaluable for keeping some sort of sanity in my life, I try to keep active, avoid too much sugar and processed food and on special occasions indulge in aromatherapy. In some bizarre way, decluttering and sorting my wardrobe out is extremely therapeutic. Its not always possible to control what hideous things go on at work, but I can keep my closet spick and span, god damn it…

Green shopping strategies here
Instant personal style discovery here

thank you to those of you – who emailed me their own fashion pie charts! Love them. If I get enough of them, we can do a special post. Keep them coming.


16 thoughts on “DIY fashion Project: Wardrobe vs Real Life (pie chart method)

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  2. amidprivilege

    I used the software design and development concept of “use cases” to sort out the same thing:). Business has some uses after all. I love your pie chart. I want to paint one of my own now:).

  3. Virginia

    Love your drawings. I also am sad that your evening events are so boring. Is this due to LSH work? Hopefully not your work. I love the category of Random Useless Items – sums up my world of possessions perfectly!

  4. hungryhungryhippo404

    Lol random useless items – love it! Sums up most of my wardrobe haha. I think most of my wardrobe consists of casual wear, handbags and random useless items. Not sure if I need to change my wardrobe, my life, or both…Haha ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      Ha ha- yes what we buy is often a reflection of things we want in our lifestyle…when you graduate we can concentrate on getting you a killer wardrobe- Oscar and lady Beatrice will be our assistants to bring some sanity and wisdom into the project.

      1. hungryhungryhippo404

        Sounds like a most wise idea! Although I may have to leave Oscar out of it. He’ll just want something with lots of straps and tassels! Lol

          1. hungryhungryhippo404

            Haha this is very true! Oscar definitely pays attention to all the details of a new item, not just how it looks on! ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. Pret a Porter P

    random useless items LOL! that special event dress does look fabulous though. Nowadays I focus more on buying clothes that I can wear immediately rather than those museum pieces that I wear once a year if that. And no matter how beautiful or even inexpensive I’m being honest with myself about returning things that I ultimately have no use for.


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