Tea of the month: Rose herbal infusion for Valentines & London tube strike...
…a reviving cup of tea – and a chocolate fondant.

Not only the rain hasn’t stopped, (major flooding across the UK) but we also have a tube strike. Yes we do- the boys and girls from London Underground are on strike. I cycled to work this morning. It’s a short bike ride, but still arrived drenched having closely missed, encounters with death on at least four occasions.

Even worse, my hair has reached new heights of frizzidom- though at least the all important hair appointment has been booked. (Stylish and well groomed in the rain? Here)

So- about to have a cup of tea to recover. And a chocolate fondant- why not? Live dangerously I say…


I look forward to my return trip home, that should be a real treat too.

Still, peace of mind comes from within they say… A cup of tea and carry on. I ve also discovered that knitting is very relaxing. Ordered some lovely (and ethical) angora wool from here, will keep you posted how it goes. If nothing else, we can all laugh at my efforts.
Relax & enjoy.

lady Sarah’s DIY rose tea blend.
Did you know? It’s easy to make your own strong blend of rose tea. Get some good quality, black china leaves, mix with with dried rose petals ratio 5:1 (1 part rose petals/5 black tea, though this is variable. You can buy dried organic rose petals from Neal’s Yard, but I make my own as I know they are organic. Add 2 drops of pure aromatherapy rose oil. This is quite expensive, and you need to ensure its pure. Shake and keep in a tightly closed tea caddy for at least a couple of weeks for the oil to infuse through; and work it’s magic. Pure heaven!


11 thoughts on “Tea of the month: Rose herbal infusion for Valentines countdown & London tube strike…

  1. silkpathdiary

    Make that 2 please 🙂 I’m really getting back into tea drinking, there’s simply nothing better to enjoy in this typical weather. It takes a bit longer to prepare but I like that too, this year I want to slow down and be more conscious of things and enjoy the moments.

  2. silkpathdiary

    Knitting! I could join you except I struggle to follow a pattern but boredom sets in too quickly if I knit simple squares – has to be complicated stuff to keep me going… Take care on the way home!

  3. Virginia

    So sorry about the weather and tube strike, and bike ride in the rain. It is freezing here, and I can’t stop thinking about spring as I bundle up. Rose infused tea sounds lovely. No knitting for me, but reading a Jane Austen story relaxed me like nothing else (don’t know why, maybe the quite world of hers)

  4. ladysarahinlondon Post author

    Thank you Virginia, it was ok actually – and today we even had a little sunshine. The rose tea is a herbal, blend, most of the time I prefer something stronger.:-) like my own blend. I will post a photo of the tea bag I was talking about… Enjoy your jane Austen. What are you reading?

  5. Virginia

    I am different in that my favorite books are the ones with quite heroines. Sense and Sensibility is my absolute fav. I like Elinors’ common sense and reserve at such a young age. Mansfield Park has another quite heroine. I do love Emma, even though she is lively. I could go on all day about Jane’s stories. Anyway, hope your travel situation has improved. We are supposed to have snow this weekend!

  6. fourcatpaw

    The tea looks (and smells+tastes obviously) so inviting and wonderful! Thank you for the idea. I will try to prepare my own rose-tea over here.
    Hugs and paw-kisses
    Servant Z & Yelloz

      1. fourcatpaw

        Before Valentine’s day, I want to prepare and drink it with love. I’m planning a ceremony for myself 🙂
        First I’ll visit an organic herbal shop. I’ll definitely inform you about the progress 🙂
        Thank you for the inspiration!
        Love and hugs
        Servant Z.


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