Tea of the month: spiced winter blend  (Januray)
Note to self: breath, slow down, roll out the yoga mat…

Dealing with gloomy, January London…
Cup of tea anyone? Current favourite blend: spiced winter tea from Daylesford organics. Warming & calming, full of healthy sounding ingredients, like organic spices, dried orange and rooibos…tastes rather delicious too.

The usual yoga on my iPad- to relieve my aching back… – (detailed 28 day plan here) is anyone else suffering with all this damp weather?

A few drops of anti depressant aromatherapy oils (ylang ylang (Cananga odorata), orange (Citrus sinensis) to see us all through the constant beating of the London rain. (more about aromatherapy oils from the experts at Fragrant Earth here.)
To make myself feel better I also like to indulge in a little spurt of decluttering (refer to this calendar here) – gives me a sense of achievement….

The rain is meant to be with us all of next week, perfect weather for winter spiced tea. I may even try my hand at some knitting
Relax & enjoy!

Note to self: breath, slow down, roll out the yoga mat…


5 thoughts on “Tea of the month: spiced winter blend (Januray)

  1. Virginia

    Spiced tea sounds just right for January. We in the Pacific Northwest enjoy similar weather to England, and that darn rain can feel endless at times. I must try the anti-depressant oils, they sound promising.

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      If you try them let me know, how you find them. I also like to use bergamot oil, in a little diffuser. It’s pretty depressing here, you would not believe it. Non stop rain for days and days.


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