2014 Fashion (and enlightenment) resolutions
Celebrate the arrival of 2014 in style!

Welcome to 2014 fashion (and enlightenment) resolutions

Happy 2014 to all! What are your wardrobe and fitness goals for 2014? Smaller wardrobe? Bigger wardrobe? More shoes, or less shoes? Or perhaps like myself, you are in perpetual search for the ideal handbag. This divine outfit is from the stunning window display at Fenwick’s. It looked just so heavenly and I thought it was just the perfect dress… for…not quite sure what event. A grand ball at the palace? A red carpet Hollywood party? I would love to see myself wafting around London on my bike, in this dress. Silk chiffon may be a little too wispy, for real life cycling, but it got me thinking. About fashion in real life.

lady Sarah’s 2014 resolutions

Fashion should enhance daily life and daily activities– whatever they may be. Not hinder them, which means buy shoes to walk in with comfort and grace. No itchy sweaters, no sweaty polyester. I need more comfortable biking clothes, more of those ‘waiting for the bus’ outfits that are office friendly. White silk chiffon, has its place in the world, though I can’t think exactly where right now. Everyday and real life, comfortable and stylish is the goal.

Fashion should never be cruel. Let it be beautiful, pure and green. (no cynicism please! Things are what we make them to be.) That means no fashion from sweat shops and exploitation. No animal cruelty whatsoever. Thinking about this one as it has a bearing on the world as a whole.(here) My own motivation is to look divine, cruelty has an ugly face. Research before buying, and stop hiding behind, ‘no one is perfect’. We can move towards perfection, not away from it. That should make it easier for anyone keen to discover and refine personal style.  Having a non cruelty personal policy, provides edited options, creating a more coherent look. (Special post on creating unique style coming up)

Fashion is meant to project to the world a better ‘me’. yes a divine looking me – appearance does matter, never let anyone tell you otherwise. No one can see the beauty of our inner soul, not to begin with. Fashion needs to be flattering, invest in one of those three-way mirrors (If you find excellent three-way mirrors please email me. I’ve been looking for a good full length one since last summer.) and ditch those stained, baggy sweatpants. Put them in the bin – right now Sarah, don’t keep them in the house for another day! Comfortable doesn’t mean sloppy, and hoarding last years fashion mistakes is just so draining.

Which brings me to the next thing: decluttering and detoxing the wardrobe.  Booking a half day in my diary especially for this. (Will reward myself with lapsang souchong afterwards) Beginner declutterers, as well as seasoned pros, may find good ideas and plenty of motivation from the queen of decluttering dear Beth: here . There is even a new downloadable decluttering 2014 calendar, (used last years with a certain degree of success.) closet, home and organising tips for all levels of experience.

Focus on exclusive designers’ seasonal ‘must haves’, will only bring bitter disappointment. Shift the focus: Become the Clotheshorse you were always meant to be. The correct fitness regime, is the difference between, borderline frumpy and simply divine. An excellent programme to get me started, (and more importantly, kept me going) here All exercise is not the same, and all yoga is not created equal, dear friends- check this out and never look back. It is fairly simple to follow and includes daily diet and motivation tips for weight control.

General 2014 resolutions
Take afternoon tea, on a daily basis(Here) Keep calm and carry on.

May we all achieve a stylish and prosperous 2014! Catch up soon.

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12 thoughts on “2014 Fashion Resolutions (how to look divine)

  1. Cressida K

    dear Sarah – your posts are always such fun, with hidden depths. What are Lady Beatrice’s resolutions? Have you started her on yoga yet?

  2. silkpathdiary

    Excellent! Comfort and style has been my goal for the last few years though they haven’t always been. I shall continue but within my existing closet as much as possible for 2014. As for fitness, the past few weeks of merriment has caused the least amount of damage to my waistline all due to the little bit of swimming my poor body has become used to so I’m super encouraged to continue and add to the regime.

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      Is great isn’t it? I must admit I only manage to do about half the things on the decluttering calendar, but it still makes a difference, if you have iCalendar, it can be downloaded straight into it.


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