Christmas delights and the shape of things to 2014Merry Christmas from Stella McCartney the queen of forward fashion, where everything is green, kind and beautiful.

The weather is something atrocious out there. Luckily I am tucked in indoors, waiting for the Christmas food delivery, the calm before the storm so to speak… Time for a little bit of self reflection and jotting some notes for 2014 fashion resolutions. I do realise that living in London is a privilege and there is so much in terms of forward fashion and art in general. (Stella’s spring 2014 collection here)

Quick preview of some of the delightful posts coming up for you:

Favourite shops

Places to go (to eat well & drink even better)

More afternoon tea

Real life fashion, how to stay Warm &. Stylish, best accessories and is vintage still IN for 2014?

Sourcing the cool things. Is an art in itself…


Lady Beatrice sends her Christmas wishes too…

Thank you to everyone who has been following this little blog. Merry Christmas!Xx Sarah


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