Duvet days
Good morning! London is cold & grey today….so having a duvet day

Good morning! Hope you are all well. Not feeling so good myself… Tucked up in bed with a cold, though luckily, lady Beatrice is looking after me. who is lady Beatrice? It seems like I’ve been burning the candle both ends, as the saying goes. Hectic at Work (we are still interviewing for Rosie’s replacement and time is running out.) Late nights, a cocktail too many, and social obligations. House work decluttering is pilling up, and do not even get me started on Christmas, looming on the horizon. Oh yes and my in- laws keep threatening to visit to take us out for dinner. (which is really a coded message that they feel neglected, in need of cheering up, and they would like us to foot the bill.)

This sort of offer never has a good ending, but with any luck we may survive it yet. My friend Cherub is also desperate to see me, another source of potential worry. Cherub, works in fashion and is charming and lovely – absolutely lovely in every way. She is also one of those gifted people, with unlimited potential to cause chaos. She is vegan and an animal lover, but somehow she managed to abandon her own pets, two cats and a dog, while she was going through one of her routine ‘crisis’. Her friends have to come to the rescue. She has a well paid job, but somehow she is often ‘just a little’ too short of money to pay her share of the rent – and again her friends have to rescue her. Well, we cannot leave her homeless can we? Or may be we can…
Anyway, if you know any Cherub types, you get my point. I am just going to go hide under the duvet, till I feel strong enough to deal with well meaning people and their selfish ways.

Splendid duvet days…

Hand made, Eiderdown from the English eiderdown company, for old fashioned duvet days.

Hand made, Eiderdown from the English eiderdown company, for those good, old fashioned duvet days. I am a sucker for anything English and handmade, this company is the  best. Your English eiderdown will become a family heirloom.

Bedside table - all set.

Bedside table – all set for a divine duvet day. Is this splendid or what?

lady Sarah’s notes for splendid, duvet days.
1. Freshly laundered sheets and a plush pure down duvet. If I am going to stay in bed, I like everything to feel divine, – spick and span – so I can enjoy my stay! An old fashioned English eiderdown is even better, we have a beautiful one in satin, commissioned from the Authentic English Eiderdown experts. Made by hand, choice of authentic vintage designs and beautiful colours, each piece is luxuriously unique. Lovely, warm and unbelievably comfortable.

2. Plentiful and well plumped pillows. These should be a mix of feather and down, pure down pillows can be too soft, not really offering enough support. For anyone allergic to feathers, no need to resort to synthetics. There are very nice, silk filled, duvets and pillows. Here

3. A bedside lamp, carefully positioned, just at the right height so I can read or drink my tea without getting up. The light needs to be a soft rosy glow, rather than a headache inducing glare.

4. Hide the iPhone/iPad. I get withdrawal symptoms when the separation is too long. It has to be done though. Otherwise, not possible to get proper ‘me’ time with all those stressful emails trickling through.

5. Very good quality, hot, black tea, with sliced lemon. Chocolate sounds good in theory, but in reality, I find it makes me slightly nauseous when under the weather. So, just tea for me please and maybe a light consommé…(more tea here)

6. The right nightwear. 100% brushed organic cotton! (or satin silk if feeling glamorously unwell.) I see fashion potential here…

7. Lady Beatrice enjoys snoozing on the bed close to me, which is very reassuring. She does however have a nasty habit of digging her nails into the bed linen, essentially ruining my precious bedding! So best to have a little blanket or a throw especially for her…

Most of the time some peace and quiet (& a little extra vitamin c) is all I need to bounce back. For more serious things, of course, an appointment with our GP. (General Practitioner, (doctor) in the UK, appointments are free)

8 thoughts on “Splendid Duvet days

  1. Virginia

    Sorry you’re not feeling well, I hope Lady Beatrice cuddles up with you! Purring Kitties and snuggly puppies are the best, plus hot tea and a good book or movie. Get better soon, so you can tell us more about…. everything.

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      So lovely to hear from you! I already feel …so much better and planning a tea expedition. Thank you for the tips, will add them to the post. At the end of the day everything is better with a cup of tea.

  2. madmils

    Sarah, having found Dunelm’s cheap-as-chips ‘teddybear throws’ I can honestly say that claws through bedding has become a thing of the past because they prefer to be on their own fleece instead of ‘my’ bed !
    I can’t remember now how much they were but about a fiver, tenner maybe – definitely worth investigating but this ‘was’ 3 years ago now so …….
    Either way, having bought one for ‘me’, Maddie decided that she’d steal it from me, this naturally meant one for Millie too so we now all have one each !
    They are oh-so-soft and cuddle yet very lightweight and, we have one on each of our beds 😉

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      Thank you for the tip- if you have a link let me know, but looking for those. Lady Beatrice is a little destroyer of worlds,- my fault really as I should have laid down the law since kitten hood… But she was so damn cute….


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