Interiors: Clutter management crash course

Lady Beatrice enjoys London November sun -she is not at at all fond of clutter. Good afternoon! London is bitterly cold today, and my enthusiasm for the great outdoors and related pursuits is somewhat more restrained. I am busy arranging my social/work diary with indoor pursuits, decluttering the flat, nesting and preparing weekly menus. Decluttering is kind of a constant battle, but I am determined to get the better of it. Especially since Christmas is looming on the horizon and everyone brings more things IN. You know gifts, shopping and Christmas decorations. So unless a lot of things go OUT, there will be no room to breath, never mind do our yoga practices. Lady Beatrice detests clutter and she is always keen to help. (who is Lady Beatrice?) Everyone has their decluttering methods, but what works best for me is one drawer or cupboard at a time. And take everything out! Everything ! …and clean and then see what can be thrown away, recycled or given to charity. I find it takes little time, but a lot of motivation. It’s so satisfying when it’s done! Declutter surfaces so the cat can jumpDeclutter surfaces so the cat can jumpiDeclutter surfaces so the cat can jumpmageDeclutter surfaces so the cat can jump

I especially like to keep surfaces clean of too many ‘decorative’ objects, (such a Victorian remnant, from the days when people used to employ parlour maids, whose role in life was to dust those ornaments!) These days, parlour maids are a little scarce, all I have is Lady Beatrice (the ‘kitten that hit the jackpot’ as my friends like to call her), running around and she most certainly prefers clear surfaces for all those jumps, she keeps practicing.

My aim as far as decorative items are concerned is minimum maintenance. A few nice plants and a couple of good paintings.

lady Sarah’s decluttering method

1. Allocate the space about to be decluttered a purpose. For example wardrobe is for clothes you wear, not for hiding random items. Drawers need to have a clear task: medicine drawer, candle drawer, cutlery drawer, gardening cupboard etc.( yes I know there is not enough room for everything.)

2. Take every thing out and clean using non- toxic cleaners. Wooden drawers could take a drop of aromatherapy oil as a finishing touch. ( oils will stain wood, so only use in inconspicuous places)

3. Put back the things you actually use, rather than too many just in case scenarios. Ideally things that are used most should be in accessible places; and those rarely used items stored away or given away.

4. Take a deep breath and eliminate the superfluous. Throw away unidentified items and recycle. Really good items that we no longer use, can go to charity, for a second chance in life.

5. Sit back and enjoy how much better that, drawer/room/house looks!

Beginner declutterers who find it all a bit overwhelming, could attend specialist, decluttering classes. These are run by the Queen of Decluttering, our dear Beth here. You can also download her fabulous decluttering calendar, if you are really enthusiastic. (She offers the calendar for free) So I must be getting on, still a few drawers to tackle, the entrance hall and the bathroom. If you are also involved in any de cluttering of your own, would love to hear about it. Before & after photos are good too. Catch up soon. Sent from my iPad More on interiors: here


7 thoughts on “Interiors: Clutter Management Crash Course

  1. madmils

    Morning Sarah and Lady B 😀
    Millie, not Maddie though – too plump, loves to jump around and most definitely sunny spots, at the moment it’s ontop of the back cushions on one of the sofa’s in the lounge, (photos when able but not easy as the noise of the camera sppoks her and she’s run for the hills !), she will snooze in the sun for hours there.

    Millie enjoys leaping from the mantelpiece up 4 feet onto the top of the display cabinet where it’s safe from all and sundry – plus, it’s very warm up there remember ….. and cats do SO love the warmth.
    The first time I witnessed this I nearly died ….. what if she missed the edge of the mantelpiece and dropped onto the marble hearth …… 😦
    What if she bounced the display cabinet and all my Masons Mandalay toppled and broke …….. 😦
    However …. this little girl is like the fittest gymnast (despite being 11 years old) and she leapt easily and has done so ever since 😀

    Ohh, are you all still there …… thought you might have dozed off ……. sorry Sarah and Lady B (no, don’t YOU dare start that kind of leaping 😉 ) I seem to have hijacked your page :/

  2. madmils

    Morning Sarah 😀
    I realised I didn’t say what I actually wanted to say – about the blitzing of drawers and cupboards ……. I absolutely LOVE doing it and do I often, whatever it stores I blitz it !
    My friends get the decent cast-offs, so they always do very well when I get to the clothes, they do quite well when I get to the knick-knacks …. and as for the food ones well ……. !!!
    I have been known to revisit things that expired their date 12 months ago 😀 😛 I once fancied a little Baileys, but when I settled down to enjoy it it was ‘orf’ and so that ruined that evening 😉

    I have a later start this morning so longer to linger here, enjoy your day Sarah, and a cuddle to Lady B,

  3. bettina

    I’m with you on emptying out the drawers (or entire rooms– I’ve done that, too!). It makes a mess (temporarily) but it works better than any other method, for me, anyway.


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