De-toxing the kitchen cupboards… kitchen cupboards that are the envy of the civilised world.

Finally, it’s done! I managed to tackle my autumn to do list. And about time it was too, as you well know how it is….

Kitchen cupboards with lovely things.

Kitchen cupboards restocked with lovely foodstuff, I actually use.  Good teas, organic fair trade coffee, quality things only. Nothing old remains.

My kitchen cupboards have been cleaned and detoxed are are now the envy of the civilised world. I threw away old spices, preserved sauces, chemical condiments and everything old, unappetising and sticky. All stocked up in the pantry … with healthy, quality food stuff.

It’s nice to have a few ingredients on hand – to throw together, quick & healthy meals. My cooking is not quite the envy of the civilised world so I try to keep it simple. Just a few spices and ingredients each season. But always aim to get the best, I can afford.

Clutter, depression, bad energy and unloved cupboards have something in common. A little Cleaning and some decluttering, always helps my mind to clear and feel so much better about everything. Hope you do too! (When it comes to decluttering my inspiration is from the queen of decluttering herself, lovely Beth here.)

Food for thought.

This is what a weeks shopping looks like in France.

This is what a weeks food shopping looks like for some

lady Sarah’s take on:
How to de-tox the kitchen cupboards.

1.Take absolutely everything out. Tempting as it may be cleaning around things, won’t work.
2. Clean the EMPTY cupboards using damp tissues or cloths and non toxic cleaners. I use a lavender based one, that does the job beautifully.
3. Throw away anything old, sticky, unhealthy or just unappetising. This is a hard task, as it feels like admitting that some purchases were a mistake, but keeping things will not save money or make them useful again. I make a note of anything expensive I have to dispose of and keep a tiny notebook in the cupboard as a reminder.
4. I use clean glass jars to store rice, lentils and dry goods. I keep their original package in the jar, so I know what they are and the dates involved.

Glass jars to keep, rice, lentils and dry goods. Its easier to keep their original package , or include the label with the use by date.

Glass jars to keep, rice, lentils and dry goods. Its easier to keep their original package , or include the label with the use by date.

5. Organise according to how often something is used. If the last time a certain spice was used was over a year ago, I discard and don’t buy it again.
6. Group food stuffs together into ‘families’. For example coffee, breakfast teas, marmalades and cereal in one area. Afternoon tea and biscuits together. Ingredients for a quick pasta dish together. This works better than having random items that cannot be combined to make a meal. It also saves money as it soon becomes clear what is useful and what isn’t.
7. This can be quite a big undertaking, so you can always tackle just one cupboard or one drawer, at a time and give yourself a pat on the back when is done. Good job!

lady Sarah’s list to restock her kitchen pantry: 
(New additions, change with the seasons)
Olive oils
Truffle oil
Wine vinegar
Coconut oil
Marigold stock
A few spices (no more than three each season)
French croutons
Jasmine Rice
Puy Lentils
Rice noodles
Miso paste
Soya sauce
Dried mushrooms
Preserved chillies
Good chocolate
Shortbread biscuits
Tea (assortment of very good teas)
Various honeys (local and cold pressed)
Marmalade (various types)
Sparkling water

No carbonated drinks, crisps or candy bars. If it’s not there I cannot eat it…

So… Feeling all virtuous about my well organised kitchen cupboards, enjoying a day out in the country and some pub lunch. Cheers!

5 thoughts on “De-toxing the kitchen cupboards

    1. ladysarahinlondon Post author

      Ha! We need some input from Japanese cooks here I think – no idea how to use it properly either. Usually I mix it with boiling water and use it as a stock to cook fish, or to make soup.

  1. Cressida K

    Your cupboards are the envy of the civilised world! Very very nice. better go to do mine now….;-) As you say christmas is coming and these things need to be done.


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