The delightful Lady Beatrice

I may as well start by introducing my assistant. The delightful Lady Beatrice. Lady Beatrice came to us as a 7 week old kitten from Battersea home for cats. Seven weeks is too young for a kitten to be adopted, and she was very scared and undersocialised. The people at Battersea do a terrific job as she was already potty trained and all she really needed was building up her confidence.
I read to her exclusive extracts from my favourite books, till she got used to my voice. Now she responds to her name, and she has a fairly broad vocabulary. (She knows ‘disappointed’ means she is doing something naughty, like climbing on kitchen counters, or doing her nails on my Chanel bag.

The delightful Lady Beatrice

The delightful Lady Beatrice. – a true London cat. If you want to adopt a cat or a dog – look into one of the animal charities for a rescue case.

when looking for a pet, Cats are generally easier to look after than dogs, but they still need love and attention, as well as regular vet visits, so do not underestimate the commitment. A kitten is adorable, but bear in mind that its basically a baby and you will need to devote the time to form his/hers personality. An adult cat, may be an easier option and the charities tend to have a few in desperate need of a warm welcome. If you live in a rented flat, check with your landlord that is ok to get a pet. They’d have to be heartless to say no…if you simply don’t have the time for the commitment, do the London thing and set up a regular donation to them. Make it a generous one if you can -I always think its so cool to be generous, but a fiver a month is good too.


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