No London wardrobe could possibly survive for long, without the addition of at least some, glam knitwear. Continue reading


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The fashionable library: Being well dressed is important to me, – clothes are so much more than just the image we choose to project to the world. More than our own personal luxury. What you and I, choose to buy, has an environmental and cultural impact, way beyond the extend of our wardrobe. Fashion purchases shape both our society and the environment, we will have to live with the world we shape, as we get older and it is the legacy we leave to our children, and future generations. I like both fashion and well made clothes, – not always the same thing. It is no secret that I am becoming more of a selective Buyer. The sort of buyer Who likes to research the provenance of any potential items, scrutinise quality and generally get as much information as possible before the credit card gets its work out. Continue reading